10 December 2014

The Big Blog Exchange 2014: Get notified of BBE 2015 and my video epilogue

How time flies; it's been nearly a month since I returned from my 11-day cultural exchange to Argentina in the Big Blog Exchange (BBE) 2014 organised by Hostelling International (HI).  It seemed like only yesterday that I, together with hundreds of other bloggers from around the world, was waiting for the 16 lucky winners to be announced.

My brief exposure to Argentina has truly opened my eyes and, to some extent, changed my perception towards many things in life.  The experience was truly invaluable and I encourage everyone who did not succeed in this or last year's BBE to try again in 2015.  The time and effort you put into the competition - although not a sure-fire guarantee of success - will be so worth it if you do eventually win.  So make sure you're in the loop when HI announce the start of next year's BBE by visiting their official website now and signing up to be duly notified.

To summarise my Argentine experience, I have put together a short video in which I speak of the places I visited, the things I learnt and the new friends I made during my time in South America.  It is impossible, of course, to squeeze everything into a 3-minute vid, but it is my hope that you will at least gain from it some insight - however little - into what I experienced on my exchange.

For best viewing experience, change the video's resolution to 720HD by clicking on the settings (i.e. the cogwheel) at the bottom right of the YouTube player.  I hope you like what I've put together as my BBE video epilogue.

To watch my other 15 fellow BBE winners' video epilogues, click HERE.  As a final word, do support the BBE cause and participate in next year's competition.  Whatever the outcome, don't give up.  Like me, try (and try) again until you succeed.  If you require any advice and/or tips with regards the competition, feel free to email me at vincequek@gmail.com; I'll be happy to share them with you.  Good luck.

Has my cultural exchange to Argentina and/or video epilogue inspired you to try your luck in next year's Big Blog Exchange?  Do you intend to join or try again?  If you have participated in BBE2013 or BBE2014, do share with us your experiences.


  1. Very nice epilogue (complete with such appropriate background music!). I can tell you really embraced and appreciated your experience :)

    1. Thank you, Doc. Until the time I put together the vid, I knew nothing about video editing; so in a way, I even impressed myself. Argentina has so much to impart and, like you said, I really did appreciate the experience. Thanks for dropping a line. Great encouragement.