7 November 2014

The Big Blog Exchange 2014: Boleadoras performance in Buenos Aires

Hola, everybody!  How time flies; I'm now into Day 7 of my 10-day Big Blog Exchange to Argentina and enjoying every minute of it.  In the last seven days, I've had the good fortune of visiting Buenos Aires, Mendoza, the Andes Mountains, San Carlos de Bariloche as well as the Patagonia highlands.  In the last, I also undertook a 5-hour, 13km trek through some of the most stunning high country in this part of the world - more exercise than I'd cumulatively undertaken in the last five years!  This country is so rich in natural beauty and more so in culture.

On my second night here, I was taken by the good people at Hostelling International (HI) Argentina to watch a tango show at La Ventana in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.  It was a new experience for me and one I'll never forget; I even had a brief tango lesson!  While the tango performances were utterly mind-blowing (how the dancers fail to trip on each other legs is beyond me), photography and video are unfortunately not allowed.  Hence I have not any pictures to share with you.

Photo courtesy of Google

was however very kindly given permission by one of the managers at La Ventana (I asked the friendliest-looking one) to shoot a minute-long video when the gaucho boleadoras performers came on.  The performance given by the boleadoras-wielding gaucho was incredible and I can only imagine the number of times (or how seriously) he must have hurt himself while perfecting his skills.  Here is the video I shot which I wish to share with everyone; bear in mind I was only allowed to shoot for one minute.


Not bad, eh?  Well, if you think that was impressive, his performance went on for another 45 minutes during which he took his performance to a whole new level with some seriously high-speed wielding and a couple of rather dangerous stunts.  What you'd just witnessed was really the "appetiser"; a truly incredible performance.  I hope you enjoyed watching that brief video as much as I did attending the show that evening in Buenos Aires.

I have over the last few days shot several videos (especially while travelling on the bus between Mendoza and San Carlos de Baroiloche) which I hope to share with you in time.  In the meantime, don't forget to follow me every step of the way on my Argentine adventure via the Big Blog Exchange´s daily summaries.  In them, you'll also read about what my 15 fellow winning bloggers are up to in the respective countries of exchange - and I can tell you it's all mouth-wateringly amazing.

For now, "chao!" from me in San Carlos de Bariloche where it's now snowing lightly.  Brrrrr......!


  1. Sounds just marvellous. Not quiet as cold here with no flamboyant dancers to be seen. Anyway you have sure packed in a lot in only a week.

  2. Great blog, thanks for posting this.