1 November 2014

#1 | Between Delays and Layovers..

Gate 13, this is where my adventure started.. well, kinda.. sitting in the flor of the airport in front of a huge window that refused to cover the nasty storm that was keeping everybody in Buenos Aires..

My flight was already delayed at the check-in.. 'one hour' they said.. but that hour quickly turned into two hours, then three hours, even six hours!! - are you kidding?!? - and finally ELEVEN HOURS.. yes eleven hours.. And after the 4th delay I had already lost  my connection to Kuala Lumpur, and sadly no one could give me a solution until I get to Istanbul.. I could either get in another's company flight or wait until the next day connection.

Finally the plane was ready to go and so was everybody!! Imagine all those hours.. people was mad, cranky,  sleeping on the floor.. well not everybody, I actually made some friends, Carmen and Lina, and we spended the time talking about traveling, food and things I could do in Istanbul if I had a layover - nice! right? -. But yeah, we were more than ready to leave Buenos Aires behind and start our trips!! Me more than anyone :)

And let me tell you something.. sometimes missing a connection has it's perks.. I had to wait until the next flight next day and that only meant one thing: I won a bonus day in Istanbul!!! I feel like cheating bloggin about Istanbul in Vincent's blog.. but I just have to show you, I'll just leave some pictures here and slowly walk away.. haha! 

See you soon from Kuala Lumpur!!

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