8 November 2014

#2 | I made it to KL!!!

Finally!! My second post in Vincent's blog.. sorry, I was only having the BEST TIME in KL!! believe me, it's really hard to find the time to post.. If you want, you can follow me on Instagram for pictures and videos everyday!! @viajarenpelotas :)        
So.. let me do a little recap of this couple of amazing days.. After the layover madness I arrived to Kuala Lumpur and everything was ok until I almost lost my passport!! I was SO tired that when I went looking for Noh from HI Malaysia I left my bag behind.. luckily we decided to turn back to purchase the internet sim and then is when I realized I didn't had my documents!! I started running like crazy in the middle of the airport to the place I was waiting before and there it was!! A nice man kept my bag safe for me.. omg the relief..
After that.. documents safe and sim purchased.. I quickly started my malaysian culture adventure at the National Stadium where they had an SouthEast Malaysian exposition.. full of stands with local food and free samples!! I ate beef noodles and a rose tea with limau that was way too sweet for me.. even though for Noh was, and I quote, "nah.. medium sweet".. I cannot imagine what is the standard here for too sweet!! Maybe I get to find our before I return.. like a mini mission :P

Now.. stop everything!!! I just want to take a moment to thank the person who invented the air conditioner :P haha!! Oh my.. the weather here is SO hot!! hot AND humid.. my two worst enemies.. so thank you very much for the cold escape from it!! Now I can continue..

As we headed to the Hotel I couldn't take my eyes of the view.. I think you know what I was looking for.. yep! that's right.. the Petronas Twin Towers!! so Noh made a detour and we started looking for the best spot to take a picture!! Standing in front of these towers was uterly incredible.. after being one of my laptop wallpapers since I found out I was coming to KL.. I was finally standing there!! and I couldn't stop the "WOW" expression popping out of my mouth every two seconds..

* I have better photos from my camera! *

After my first WOW moment.. I checked in at Wira Hotel.. and started recharging energy for the next day.. I was going to need it! there is so many amazing things to do in KL.. I really wish to complete my bucket list.. specially the Batu caves!!


  1. You and Vincent are just way too selfish, the rest of the bloggers made a great job sharing their experience and making the others feel part of it, with a lot of posts and photos. You just cared about yourself,we practically haven't seen anything of Malaysia or Argentina. it's such a shame someone like you won.

  2. Me encantaria que comentes con un nombre y no de forma anonima.. si de verdad hubieses seguido nuestros intercambios hubieses visto un montón.. via instagram/twitter.. opinas sin saber, una lastima.. ojala te puedas poner al día con nuestras experiencias.. podes ver los posts de Vincent en http://www.viajarenpelotas.com.ar/bbe2014 y los mios lamentablemente van a estar en unos dias porque se me bloqueo la cuenta.. disfrutalos!! y ojalá la mala onda no te consuma.. y si, ni me gasto en traducírtelo..