31 October 2014

The Big Blog Exchange 2014: Hola, Argentina!

It's no secret; I enjoy flying.  Having said that, I've never before flown halfway around the world.  So what's the problem, you say?  Well, there's none... not if you're in your 20's and ever-eager to even go one-on-one with a grizzly in a ring, no holds barred.  But if you're approaching 50, asthmatic and suffering from a wee bit of hypertension, the mere thought of flying 49 hours out of your comfort zone to a place so far away and where the culture is totally new can be quite daunting.

Will I get culture-shocked?  Will my baggage arrive in one piece, if at all?  Will I arrive in one piece - again, if at all?  Will the flight attendants have to page for a doctor mid-flight?  Despite my concerns, however, this was something I wanted to do.  In fact, I'd asked for it when I joined the Big Blog Exchange.

Well, thankfully, everything did go smoothly - from the flights to going through Passport Control to being met at Ezeiza by the most lovely Argentine lady no more than six hours ago.  Hell, even the flight attendants' asking if there was a doctor on board somewhere over the Atlantic wasn't because of me!

So, it's 5:30am here in Buenos Aires as I'm writing this and, despite managing only an hour's sleep or so after landing, I'm ready to start my adventure in the Big Blog Exchange in the morning.  And of course have my very first Argentinian breakfast!

Hola, Argentina!... and muchas gracias for having me.  Here are some pics I took along the way.

But first, Istanbul

... for breakfast.

Was always crap at selfies; here's why

This is one B777 which thankfully didn't go missing;
the plane I boarded from Istanbul to Buenos Aires

An hour's transit in Sao Paulo, Brazil... inside the plane!  Aaaargh!

HI, can I stay 30 days pretty please??

The amazingly lovely and cool Ms Mercedes Fresno from HI Argentina meeting me at Ezeiza

My warm and lovely room at Hostel-Suites Palermo, Buenos Aires.  You like?

Well, that's it for now.  Tomorrow.... I mean, this morning I start my #BigBlogX adventure proper, but not before sorting out on-the-go internet access for use while I'm here in Argentina.

Don't forget to regularly follow me every step of the way on my Argentine adventure.  You may do so here, on the Big Blog Exchange website as well as on Viajar En Pelotas, the blog of my exchange partner, Ms Belen Palacios.  Thank you, everyone!  From me in Buenos Aires, buenos dias!  I do believe that's the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen!


  1. So glad you arrived safely! Have funnnn!

  2. Well you made it in one piece mate. Now the true adventure begins!

  3. so excited to have the chance to fly half the globe!