22 October 2014

The Big Blog Exchange 2014: The "dare" challenge

All the 16 winners of the Big Blog Exchange 2014 have been asked to prepare a "dare" for our exchange partner.  Well, here's my challenge to my partner, Belén Palacios from Argentina.  Easy; Penang laksa, durian cake and an uphill climb to Malaysia's most famous Buddhist temple.

In return, this is what I got from Belén.  Lest she forgets, I'm Chinese - and you know what they say about the Chinese; we eat everything!  Is that the best you can do, Belén?!

Seven days to go before I'm off to Buenos Aires.  I'm definitely ready for the Asado challenge; question is, are Argentina's finest Asado chefs ready for me?!

In your opinion, which one of us got the easier "dare"?  Which of the two challenges would YOU rather do?

1 comment:

  1. So fun!! I'd prefer your challenge, Vince, because it includes some physical activity - I love exercise! Us South Africans also eat most things (including offal), so we're not easily scared with food challenges :) .