9 October 2014

The Big Blog Exchange 2014: The Local Lingo Challenge

My very first vlog post!  Never in my life have I ever thought that I'd one day make a video.... featuring myself!  But a video featuring this camera-shy ol' fella was exactly what Hostelling International, the organisers of the Big Blog Exchange (BBE) 2014, wanted from each of the competition's sixteen winners - of which I am one.

Me to Belen, and Belen to me

This video, called "The Local Lingo Challenge", is the first of a string of challenges which the winners must undertake and complete before, during or after their exchange to their respective countries of exchange - mine being Argentina.

Essentially, we were asked to prepare a minute-long video "survival guide" to our countries, to be shared with our exchange partners - in my case, Miss Belen Palacios from Buenos Aires who will be coming to Malaysia - local phrases, expressions and cultural norms to help them get through their 10-day adventure more easily - and the chance for the 16 winners to get to know each other better.

So, done last Monday with forehead and palms all sweaty from nervousness and whether or not I like it (do you wanna go to Argentina or not?!), here's my submission.  Go ahead.... laugh, but tell me what you think after you're done laughing.

To watch the rest of the winners' videos, click HERE.  You'll be amazed by the cultural diversity of this year's BBE winners and also by their creativity in making their vids.

Enjoy, and remember to follow me every step of the way from October 31st to November 9th, 2014 as I journey through Argentina in the #BigBlogX by visiting the official Big Blog Exchange 2014 website.


  1. So nice to "see" you in person, Vince!

  2. Oh, Karien, I can't over-emphasise how traumatic that was! First time being filmed; palms were all sweaty. By the way, that's my coffee shop before opening time. :-)

  3. Hi Vincent. :) Your blog inspired me a lot. I'm planning to start a blog. do u think it's too late for me? :( What should I do to be a recognized blogger?

    1. Hi, there. Thank you for your very encouraging comments. You left neither your name nor your contact details. If you could just furnish me with these, I'll be happy to share with you my blogging experiences. Hope to hear from you soon.

    2. Hi. I'm Sharon from Malaysia as well. I'll left my email address - mohfen.304@hotmail.com We will keep contact via email then? :)

    3. Hello, Sharon. Apologies for my delay in replying. I'll discuss the matter with you at greater length after I return from my exchange to Argentina; this I promise you. This will be around the end of November after I've completed all the post-exchange assignments. For now, I'd just like to tell you that it's never too late to blog. Follow your heart and it'll all come good. I'll gladly share with you my blogging experiences in due course. If you have a Facebook profile, do leave your link here.