3 August 2014

Fondest travel memories: One spring day in Lucerne, Switzerland

Each time I'm in a foreign city, one of the things I enjoy doing most is to leisurely walk around and explore the place - slow as an old, overweight sloth - with little in the way of an agenda; basically just taking things easy.  When I'm back home, the madness, the ups and, in particular, the downs that come with running a coffee shop is enough to keep me constantly strung out like a guitar.  So, no, no making lattes and definitely no rushing around when I travel - only having coffee served to me for a change and taking my own sweet time to soak up all before me.

April 12, 2008 was one such day in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Oi Len and I had just arrived by train the evening prior from the enchanting alpine village of Zermatt.  Enviably, we had the luxury of spending the next three and a half days in Lucerne and, hence, weren't intent on giving the city a mere skim-over as do tourists following the inevitable we're-running-late-everyone! pennant-touting guide.  We're travellers; rushing through one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe would do her (and ourselves) a flagrant injustice.

It was a Saturday which meant the weekly farmers' market was on.  The weather was rapturously glorious (spring is always the best time to visit Europe) - a perfect day for these shutter-happy fingers and plenty of time for photos around this most photogenic Swiss city.

18 months in the planning; we're finally here

Lucerne's iconic landmarks, The Chapel Bridge and Water Tower
mark the upper end of the medieval bridgehead city of Lucerne
where the waters of Lake Lucerne flow into the River Reuss

Feeling proud as a peacock crossing Chapel Bridge

Lovely spring flowers for sale at the Saturday farmers' market

Beautiful, fresh yellow roses at the farmers' market

Oi Len (right) with her sis; second breakfast

Lovely centuries-old buildings and structures in the Old Town, Lucerne

Old Town, a pedestrian-only zone, is home to many cafes,
tea houses, hotels and quaint shops; great for a lazy day out

We love the architecture

Cafes and restaurants line the banks of
River Reuss in Old Town, Lucerne

At the jetty for Lake Lucerne cruises

Fairy tale-like architecture; how can one not fall in love with this place?

Snow-capped mountains everywhere you look

The marina on beautiful Lake Lucerne

The shores of Lake Lucerne; the perfect place for a family picnic

A street in New Town, Lucerne; rain in the afternoon added to the mood

Hotel Waldstaetterhof, our accommodation in Lucerne

The view from our room; simply jaw-dropping

Evening stroll in Old Town before dinner

The River Reuss which runs between the Old and New Towns of Lucerne

Restaurants on the banks of River Reuss come alive after sundown

Cheese fondue! My first time

Beautiful Lucerne; photogenic by day, more so by dusk.  I'll be back.

Did you enjoy reading this?  Have you visited Lucerne before?  If so, please share with us your experience.


  1. Wonderful post. I haven't been lucky enough to visit Lucerne but your beautiful photos have made me want to take a trip out there.
    Ali xx

    1. Thank you, Ali. Indeed Lucerne is a beautiful city. I love your blog and haven't missed a post from you.