9 August 2014

The Big Blog Exchange 2014: Please vote for me

The Big Blog Exchange (BBE) is run by Hostelling International (HI) and is a project that's both innovative as well as exciting where 16 bloggers will swap blogs and countries with each other for 10 days.... and share their experience with the world.

Some of you will recall that I also took part in last year's competition but didn't quite make it to the next round.  My reasons for trying my luck again this year are two-fold:

1)  I am motivated by my love for the cultures of the world which I hope to experience if I win the BBE.

2)  I want to take you along with me on my adventure by sharing with you the experience so that you (and indeed everyone) gain an insight into another culture through my eyes.

How one qualifies to the second round is by way of garnering votes from family, friends and acquaintances alike.  The Top 25 bloggers from each region with the most votes (I'm in the toughest group, i.e. Asia-Oceania) will then qualify for the next round.  I am writing this to ask everyone of you who's reading this to please vote in my favour before voting ends on 3rd September 2014.  You may do so by clicking HERE which will take you to my profile as well as the voting page.

The process is really simple:

1)  Click on the green "Vote For Me" button on my profile.
2)  In the space provided, enter your email address and and click "OK".
3)  You will then be prompted to "Now check your email to confirm your vote".
4)  Access your email account and open the email from "Big Blog Exchange".
5)  Click on the link provided and wait a while.
6)  If done properly, you will receive an acknowledgement saying that your vote has been counted.

NOTE:  If the email from BBE isn't in your inbox, try your "Junk" or "Spam" folder; it may be there.  This applies especially to those with Hotmail or Live accounts, I've noticed.

Every single vote is massive.  As I've learnt last year, the race can be really close and could again come down to the wire.  I therefore humbly seek your support.  PLEASE VOTE FOR ME now.  Thank you all.

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