11 June 2014

How to install Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media "Share" buttons on Blogger

Here's a quick post to share with all on how you can easily create social "Share" buttons on your blog; something like what I have on mine (circled in red in illustration below).

These buttons go a long way towards helping draw audience to your blog by allowing your readers to conveniently share it on their social network(s).  In fact, a click is all it takes.  Best of all, they work.

No, I didn't design the buttons myself (I'm not tech-savvy enough for that).  Rather, I got the codes off Hupso.com's website.  The instructions are clear and the installation really simple.  Do it right and you'll see your blog's hit count (and hopefully, readership) grow.  Of that, I'm certain.

Interested?  If so, click here to start: Hupso.com Share Buttons.  You'll be redirected to Hupso's site.

Good luck.

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