6 May 2014

LOOK UP; learn to coexist

“Look Up” is a short, 5-minute film that explores, through a powerful narrative poem and a cinematic love story, the real science involved in the use - or rather, the mis-use - of social media as we know it.  It boldly speaks of the negative as well as anti-social aspects of social media in our world today and overtly describes how ours has really become an age of "idiots, smartphones and dumb people" - an age where we've become "slaves to the technology we've mastered".  The message which this film so artfully delivers is undisguised and unabashedly in-your-face.  The message is real; many will find it frighteningly applicative.  However, the film also dispenses sound advice and useful motivation to all of us on what we can do to "live the right way".

Watch the video, dear readers, and if it doesn't make you think, well, watch it again.  It will be one of the most productive five minutes you'll ever spend in your life; this I promise you.

"It's not very likely you'll make World's Greatest Dad, if you can't entertain a child without using an iPad."

P/S  May I, with a pang of indefensible guilt and inglorious hypocrisy, also ask that you share this?

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  1. Petra Ulvaeus6 May 2014 at 14:23

    The situation has gotten so bad these days it's become sad. Kids are getting more and more anti-social with the passing of time. This is a timely wake-up message to all.