12 April 2014

An introduction to New Zealand in 3½ minutes

Aaaaaah…. New Zealand.  The youngest country on Earth; my favourite holiday destination.  Those who know me well - be it personally or through my blog - will know that I have a stubbornly-biased (but not unjustified) soft spot for NZ.  Every day, I yearn to visit that beautiful island nation - my fourth if, or rather, when  it happens - which I consider the most beautiful and culturally-enchanting on the planet.  Hands down.

For the last decade and a half, I've been actively advocating tourism to NZ - to my relatives, friends, even my customers.  However, in doing so, I've also come across far too many stereotypes who (unfoundedly) misperceive NZ as being boring.  NZ's for old folks, they'd say - no activities, no adventure, only mountains.  And sheep.

Well, today I'm going to dispel all these untruths about New Zealand by sharing here a short video which showcases some of things she has to offer.   3½ minutes of your time is all I ask.  If you happen to be one of those who think NZ is a waste of time and money, this video will change your mind.  Forever.

Here it is; enjoy.

How did you find the video?  If you've not visited New Zealand before, did it leave you inspired?  Do share.

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