1 February 2014

Taking a short, enforced hiatus from blogging

I first learnt of the term from my niece a few years ago when she was working at an optician's: PRESBYOPIA (pronounced \prez-bē-ō-pē-ə\), "a visual condition which becomes apparent especially in middle age in which loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye causes defective accommodation and inability to focus sharply for near vision".  If 40 can reasonably be regarded as the starting point for what one might consider "middle age", then I'd say I'd done pretty darn well to hold off the condition for five whole years.

But alas now - a year short of hitting my half-century mark - and, admittedly, after struggling with farsightedness for the last four years, my eyes have finally succumbed proper (as in proper proper) to p-p-p-presbyopia and reading glasses are something I can't p-p-p-put off any longer - boyish good looks or not.  I began experiencing a constant, dull headache last week (due to "acute eye fatigue", they say) and I'm now under doctor's orders to minimise the time I spend looking at computer screens for at least two to three weeks (noooooo...!).  In short, no blogging for now.  So as things stand it's VANITY & BLOGGING 0-1 AGING & GOD.

But I'll be back; and after I've taken a picture of myself with my reading glasses on, I'll put it up as my new profile picture.  Promise.  In the meantime, here they are... my "old person's glasses" as they're called here).