22 September 2013

Lucerne Riviera revisited: Vitznau, Rigi and Weggis (A photoblog)

Spring, 2008.  Her rolling hills, the majestic Mount Rigi, glistening Lake Lucerne, the quaint, idyllic villages on the lake's shoreline.... a place where Oi Len and I left our hearts and gathered some of our fondest travel moments.  This is a genuine lake and mountain paradise on Earth; a pure and flawless gem set amidst the waters blue and mountains white in the heart of Switzerland.  WELCOME to the Lucerne Riviera.

The red "A" marker points to Mt Rigi (or "Rigi-Kulm"), a popular
spot for Alpine hiking and skiing in the outskirts of Lucerne

The boat we took from Lucerne to Vitznau; a 55-minute cruise on Lake Lucerne
which offers visitors some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet

One of the many idyllic villages on the shores of Lake Lucerne

Mid-morning at Vitznau pier

Spring flowers

Spring blooms in Vitznau

A view to die for from Vitznau's waterfront

Vitznau waterfront

Oi Len (right) sharing a light moment with her sis in Vitznau
while waiting for our cogwheel train to the peak of Mt Rigi

Yours truly, the blogger, wandering around Vitznau

One of the two cogwheel trains that take passengers from Vitznau to
the peak of Mt Rigi.  Visitors can also opt to descend (as we did) by
way of aerial cable car from Mt Rigi to Weggis on the other
side of Lake Lucerne; and, from there, rejoin the cruise back to
Lucerne (see map above)

Beautiful scenery of Lake Lucerne and the mountains beyond
(shot during our 40-minute train journey up Mt Rigi)

More stunning scenery en route from Vitznau to the peak of Mt Rigi

Oi Len and I on arrival at the top of Mt Rigi

Rigi-Kulm Hotel with extended viewing platform in the background

At the top of Mt Rigi

The Swiss Alps as seen from the viewing platform on Mt Rigi

The aerial cable car from Mt Rigi down to the village of Weggis

The pier in Weggis

The idylllic, beautiful holiday resort of Weggis

Early afternoon walkabout in Weggis

Oi Len (in white) and her brother taking things easy in Weggis

The waterfront promenade in beautiful, lazy Weggis

Back in the Old Town of Lucerne

I hope the pictures which I've shared here inspire you to visit (or revisit) Switzerland - particularly the Lucerne Riviera - one day.  Many thanks for dropping in.

Have you visited this area before?  If so, please share your experience(s) in the "Post a Comment" field below.  If not, do you feel inspired to do so after reading this blog post?


  1. Wow! such a beautiful place! i might not even have chance to go there if i settle down with kids! hahaha.

    1. Oh, you surely will one day, Sylvia. It truly is stunning.