5 August 2013

Asthma sucks: See what goes on inside the lungs during an asthma attack

(Photo credit: Easy Health Tips)

I'm asthmatic; have been since I was nine or thereabouts.  It's a condition that's not pleasant to have, but thankfully it's under control.  Yes, the inhalers, turbuhalers and waeva-halers can be a bit of a pain to carry about at times but, hey, at least I'm still breathing.

I've experienced had two major asthma attacks in my lifetime.  So far, that is.  But that's only because I'd foolishly allowed my inhalers to run out on both occasions - a potentially fatal oversight.  The first attack in 1987 was the more severe of the two; I actually ended up having to rush myself at three in the morning to the hospital where I was promptly put on a nebulizer.  Scary.

These days, not only do I ensure that my inhalers and turbuhalers never run out, I try to keep a spare for each.  In short, I've learnt.  That's why, having recently come across two short YouTube vids which show what happens inside the lungs during an asthma attack, I thought it right and proper that I should share them with my readers.  Whether or not you suffer from asthma, I'm sure you'll find them enlightening.  Who knows?  The insight gained - touch wood - may even prove invaluable to you (or those close to you) one day.

The first video briefly tells us what asthma is and gives an excellent animated account of the physical stresses the lungs undergo during an attack.  The longer, second vid is no less informative and (crucially) includes a brief on the various triggers of asthma.  Here they are.

Video 1

Video 2

Do you suffer from asthma?  If so, what are you doing to control your condition?  Did you find the videos informative?

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