2 June 2013

Nothing is impossible because impossible is nothing

A short photoblog depicting some very special children
displaying the kind of determination, spirit and ambition
many of us would do well to emulate.

Spirit many can only dream to possess.

Rural Malaysian children crossing a damaged suspension bridge to get
to school... and back.  Every day.  All in the name of a brighter future.

Young Chinese acrobats-in-training and future Olympians; dogged determination.

Indian girl with special needs learns to write with her feet.
Nothing is impossible.

Like this boy, BELIEVE you can.

M-U-S-T  M-A-K-E  I-T.... whatever it takes.

Some serious spirit and determination not seen even in some pros.

Why the hell not?  Go on, kid; dream big...
because impossible is nothing.

Thanks for the inspiration, MG bro.

(Pictures courtesy of Google Images)

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