26 May 2013

Autographs from the boys of Guns N' Roses

GUNS N' ROSES; best rock band of all time?  Arguable.  Most influential rock band post-Led Zep?  Yeah, probably.  How about top rockers of the 90's?  Definitely.  One of my favourite rock bands?  Oh, yessssshh!

Well, the boys were down in Kuala Lumpur in March to perform at the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix on Race Day and were staying at the hotel where a friend of mine, Michelle, works.  Anyway, Michelle (who checked them in) was kind enough to get me these... after some frenetic pestering from me, that is.  It was really nice of them to add the personalisation on their autographs; I just had to show them off here.  In truth, Slash's was the one I want most but of course he left the band in '96.  Welcome to the jungle, guys.

Here are the autographs Michelle got me.

1.  Tommy Stinson - American rock n' roll bass guitarist.  Joined Guns N' Roses in 1998.

Tommy Stinson

2.  Chris Pitman - multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, backing vocalist and keyboardist of GNR.

Chris Pitman

3.  Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - Guitarist, songwriter, recording artist and producer.  Lead guitarist for GNR.

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

4.  Frank Ferrer - Rock drummer, session musician, cool as ice.  Joined GNR in 2006.  He asked to Michelle to tell me, "Thanks for the support".

Frank Ferrer

Thanks, guys... thanks, Michelle (this blog post is for you)... and like Chris said,



  1. The Axl autograph is actually Tommy Stinson's autograph. He plays the bass in Guns.

    1. Hey, thanks for telling me. The person who got it for me told me it was Axl's. You didn't leave your name, but thanks very much nonetheless. Changes needed to this post then.

  2. All the other ones look great.