2 December 2012

Full circle

4th December 2011; almost exactly a year ago today I embarked on a project.  Specifically, I found a new medium of art in which there is free association - oftentimes sloppy, chaotic thinking that most people don't want to read or even give a rat's arse about.  No, I'm not talking about Christmas comics.  I'm talking about blogging.

Back then, I wasn't even sure if I'd have the determination (or energy) to carry my blog through; and if I did, how well or otherwise it would eventually be written and received.  I recall asking myself whether it was something I really wanted to do for the long haul; or if it was something I merely had the mood to do at the time - something which wouldn't last long.  Well, I'm glad to say today that I've come full circle.  A year.  A whole year of blogging.  Man!  Pardon me for giving myself a pat on the back; everybody needs one sometimes.

In the past year (and as was originally intended), I'd written mainly about travel, football -  notably about the greatest club to have graced the footballing world, Liverpool FC - as well as a post or two about food.  To be honest, I also realise I sometimes talk so much crap (especially when I'm ranting) I don't even know whether I should offer myself toilet paper or a breath mint.  But I always try my best each time I write.  I want my readers (and all FOUR of my followers) to know that.  As my blog now enters its second year, I will continue to blog about football and travel; but you - my readers - can look forward to more write-ups about life in my country as well as in my one-horse hometown of Sandakan.  I hope you're as enthusiastic as I am with regards to these new topics.

I've truly enjoyed blogging over the past year and in truth, I don't see myself stopping anytime soon no matter how hard I tried.  It's like rediscovering an old passion I had as an adolescent.  Like I said in my blog introduction above, I aspired to be a writer.  Deep inside, I still do.  But my lack of literary creativity (and if I must find myself an excuse, free time) wouldn't allow me to go there.  So here I am indulging in small-time writing to satisfy that overwhelming urge to tell and share stories.

I thank everyone who've visited my blog at one time or another and hope I'll continue to have the privilege of your company.  I do humbly ask however that you leave a comment or thought at the end of each post to help me improve this blog further.  It would also be most encouraging for me if you'd care to subscribe to my blog as a follower.  I gain nothing from writing here other than satisfaction from knowing that someone somewhere in the world cares to read whatever I choose to blabber about.  Once again, many thanks to all.  Exciting times ahead!

P/S I dedicate this blog post to my dear friend, Asiah, who encouraged me to give it a go in the first place.  Thank you, girl.

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  1. I stop blogging a few times, but i will come back to it in the end. its like a place to share my thoughts and feeling :)

  2. Can't imagine myself stopping, Sylvia. This hobby is like a drug to me. Keeps my stress levels down.