12 February 2012

A wish fulfilled, a dream come true (Anfield, Liverpool)

April 9th-11th, 2010.  Those were the days I've dreamt of my entire adult life.  Since I began supporting Liverpool FC in the mid-80s, I've always wanted to visit Anfield and watch a live match there.  More than two decades on, I am proud to say I have fulfilled this dream.

It took Oi Len and I seven months of planning for our English holiday in April 2010.  And when the idea was mooted, I just knew that this was it; I was going on my pilgrimage to Anfield.  When we finally secured our match tickets through the Liverpool Supporters' Club Malaysia (LSCM), I was over the moon!  Nothing was gonna stop me now.

Oi Len and I arrived at Lime Street Station, Liverpool on Friday, 9th April 2010; having travelled down by train from Windermere in the Lake Districts.  A quick change of attire into my red outfit and it was off to Anfield immediately for our pre-arranged Anfield Stadium & Museum Tour.  The mere sight of this famed stadium as it came into view from the taxi had me emotional.


And what an experience the tour turned out to be.  We got to see the trophy displays, visit the dressing room and go round the famous Anfield pitch.  It's an experience not to be missed, I say to all Reds fans.


Sunday, 11th April 2010 saw us returning to Anfield; this time for the real thing. I was going to watch a match! In this case, it was against Fulham FC.  We were sat at our seats at the Anfield Road End a good hour and a half before kick-off.  Such was the level of anticipation going through me that day.

About 45 minutes before kick-off, the Fulham boys came on to warm up and shortly after, Stevie and gang followed suit.  Words cannot describe the thrill of seeing the likes of Gerrard, Pepe, Carragher, Mascherano, Johnson and Agger in the flesh.  I mean, THIS was what I've yearned for my entire adult life; and there I was finally. 


It was a few days before the Hillsborough Memorial Service and hence there was a minute's silence before kick-off.  Then it came on.... Gerry Marsden and the Pacemakers' "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE".  I knew even before we left on our holiday that in all likelihood, I'd do the drama thing at this point; and I did.  Couldn't hold back the tears, to be honest.  When the best footy anthem in the world was sung, I was all goose-bumped by the sheer atmosphere of the place.  It was electric!  Every LFC fan should experience it, really.


As it turned out, the match ended goalless but it was hardly a bore.  Aquilani, Mascherano and Babel were unlucky as their strikes on target were all saved by Mark Schwarzer who happened to be absolutely God-like that day.  Carra was shouting incessantly, but my eyes were during the most part fixed on my idol, Stevie G.  Much to Oi Len's disappointment, Torres did not play that day after having picked up an injury that morning during training.

I enjoyed every second of my Anfield/LFC experience and urge all true LFC fans out there who've never been to Liverpool in general and Anfield in particular to make a true effort.  As an Asian myself, I understand visiting England would burn a hold in our pockets (well, at least in my case it did); but it's an experience a true Red will never forget.  Trust me, you won't regret it.  I've said it many times before and I'll say it again: Liverpool is a wonderful, wonderful city. Do visit.

You'll Never Walk Alone, everyone!

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  1. brilliant vincent,,i can promise you no matter how many times you hear our anthem being sung at anfield the effect will always be the same :)

  2. Ah there you are, Doe sis, finally! Aye the atmosphere just got to me and had me all emotional. Thank you for your comments and for helping me out here. Yer noe worra mean.