7 December 2011

We're finally in India!

Well, after 7 months of planning, we're finally here! Oi Len and I took our first step on Indian soil at exactly 1.11pm local time. Arrived New Delhi twenty minutes ahead of schedule (so unlike AirAsia) and everything about our flight from Kuala Lumpur went smoothly; apart from this @#$%! officer at New Delhi Passport Control but that's another story.

One of the first things that struck me most about New Delhi is the sheer madness of the traffic here. I mean, you've got to have balls of steel to drive here. Everything just seems so lawless as far as road traffic is concerned. Otherwise it's a lovely city and I'm liking it already, even though we don't start our tour proper until tomorrow (Wed, 08.12.2011).

Had an absolutely fab authentic Indian dinner cuisine consisting of biryani with mutton and chicken, naan with fish and chicken tandoori, dhall and some pickled condiments, local coffee and a coupla Budweisers. Truly delicious albeit slightly pricey at INR3,315 for 4 pax. Well, the food bill itself actually came up to INR2,585 only; but the taxes and VATs here are killers, I tell ya. Made it a point to check with the proprietors of Colonel's Retreat - the boutique B&B in which we are staying in Delhi - tomorrow.

Speaking of our accommodation, Colonel's Retreat TRULY is lovely. Run by a retired couple, it is located at the Defence Colony district which is considered the most affluent part of New Delhi. Spotlessly clean and the place is tastefully decorated; kinda colonial British, if you will. Free wireless internet-enabled too. I'm actually using their computer which is availed to guests to post this. I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending this place to anyone of you who plans to visit New Delhi one day.

Well, the day is drawing to a close as far as Oi Len and I are concerned even though it's only 9:15pm here. It's been a long day, having got up at 6am this morning to catch our flight from Kuala Lumpur. So, from me it's "Goodnight" to all and I wish everyone of you good health. Will post pics after I return to Sandakan on 15.12.2011.

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