12 December 2011

Please horn (India)

No, I'm not gonna say anything about our travel adventures here in India thus far; I'll write a novel about that when I get home to Sandakan. What I do wanna talk about right now is a story about two words; "PLEASE HORN".

These words are painted prominently on the back of almost every truck and many tuk-tuks here in India. What they signify is a request by their drivers to those following behind to, well, please horn. You see, they can't see the traffic behind them (incredible, isn't it?) and for some reason know only to themselves, literally ALL of them drive (slowly, mind you) on the right hand side of the road, which is the fast lane. So by honking at them, they will know when to give way. However, after having given way, they'd drive right back onto the right/fast lane again; literally waiting for the next car behind them to...uh-uhm, yep, you guessed it... "please horn". Funny, innit?

This makes the noise pollution here in India absolutely out of this world. You'll hear car horns almost incessantly if you're on the road; one of the wonders of India. Anything - and I mean ANYTHING - goes on Indian roads. Will post pics when I get home to drive home my point. That's it for now. Leaving for home in two days' time. Lovin' the country though.

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