29 December 2011

On turning 47

So, I'm turning 47. Still middle-aged? I dunno really. I've had countless arguments over the years over what is deemed middle-aged. As far as I can remember, I've been middle-aged now for the major part of my uneventful life! All I know is that I'm slowly but surely gettin' there. You know; the big 5.

Am i worried about aging? Never did, to tell you the truth. If I did, I'd have dyed my hair 4 years ago. Oh well, I'm just glad to be still around and to have the missus with me all these years is a blessing. Ace wife she is. Never complains about my graying hair or my bulging waistline.

Anatomically speaking, I turned 47 I'd say about 5 years ago; when I was put on daily dosage of amlodipine besylate (just learned the word today... haha!).  My hair also started graying then, and the number of facial wrinkles obviously rose too. Problem is, I'm not doing anything about it. Still thriving on late-night junk food and fitbaw (go figure the word).

Nonetheless, I'd say I'm happy with the way I am and the way things are. You see, I'm a highly-regimented fella; which is just fancy for "I don't like change very much". So despite this being my birthday and tomorrow being the new year, it's back to my daily routine of 14 hours of work, 5 hours of sleep, 3 hours of late-night TV and 2 hours of doing zilch each day. Should keep me going for a while yet. Who knows? I might still be running this blog when I turn 57. Now wouldn't that be boss.

So, there you have it. Here I am at the turn of another year. To me, it's just another birthday... another New Year's Eve. Here's my toast to life. Happy New Year, everyone!

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